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Democracity and Looking Forward

The 1939 World’s Fair was truly a fair of the future. From transparent cars to a smoking robot, there was a multitude of exhibits that showed off what humanity had created. However, nothing came close (literally) to the massive Trylon and Perisphere towering over the fair. Not just a symbol and centerpiece –being turned intoContinue reading “Democracity and Looking Forward”

The Globe Program

Globe is a citizen science program that gains data through its community (thus calling it citizen science). Globe stands for Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment. The program started in 1994 and works with students and the public to better understand the global environment. Their mission is to “increase awareness of individuals throughoutContinue reading “The Globe Program”

Too Much Stuff, Not Enough Documentation

Michael Peter Edson wrote a blog post in 2014 called “Dark Matter” that is still relevant to this day and will be for many years from now. He compares the dark matter of the universe to the amount of information the internet holds (and will hold in the future). As someone who studied to beContinue reading “Too Much Stuff, Not Enough Documentation”

Trylon and Perisphere in World’s Fair 1939

The Trylon and Perisphere are the well known symbols for the World’s Fair. They have been turned into many different kinds of souvenirs including salt and pepper shakers. During this fair, they were turned into the Theme Center. The Perisphere was 180 feet (55 m) in diameter and the Trylon was 610 feet (190 m).Continue reading “Trylon and Perisphere in World’s Fair 1939”

Libraries in the Past and Today

I listened to Ridiculous History: That Time People Were Terrified of Libraries this week. I picked this podcast because I enjoy learning about libraries and especially how people react to them. One of my favorite things to say is that if someone pitched the idea of libraries today, they would not exist because it wouldContinue reading “Libraries in the Past and Today”

Dead Formats

Plug-ins like Adobe Flash have been discontinued indefinitely. Flash officially ended on December 31, 2020. Why did it get killed off and why does it matter? History of Flash The Flash platform started when developer Jonathan Gay started experimenting on his Apple II computer in the 1980s (source). According to HowToGeek, later, a company calledContinue reading “Dead Formats”